Richer, Educated and Tasteful: iPhone Users Are All That Compared to Android Fans

August 18, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s a battle out there on the tech terrain. On opposite sides are Android and iOS, and they are competing in so many spheres. It is not just the features and uses that are compared, but even the users of both operating systems.

A recent study by reveals some pretty amusing results this time. One major observation made is that iPhone users tend to be wealthier, more educated and more liberal and tasteful compared to Android users.

The survey conducted by Hunch included the responses of about 15000 people who volunteered to answer questions on the company’s website. Questions were based on areas like core demographics, personality, life experiences, technology, media, food & drink, fashion, taste & aesthetics.

Apple iPhone users are 27% more likely to say they tend to lead while Android users are 71% more likely to say they tend to follow.

Android users are less likely to have travelled a lot compared to iPhone users. Android users tend to save money rather than spend it but iPhone users seem to be lavish in spending.

If you are looking for more, Android users seem to prefer ugly-looking full featured devices, but for the iPhone users, it is mainly about looks. iPhone users are 50% more likely to text while driving. Android users are 35% more likely to pass time waiting in a long line by texting.

Their tastes in movies and TV shows are different too. When it comes to food, iPhone users prefer sushi, while the Androidians prefer steak.

Well, a whole lot of differences, right? We guess a survey on the features and offerings from the Android and iPhone stables would have been much more useful.

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