Microsoft Windows 8 to Likely Pack an App Store

August 18, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It seems Microsoft is taking a leaf out of Apple’s books. The company has been rumored to move ahead with a plan to incorporate an App Store for its upcoming Windows 8.

Microsoft had recently introduced its Windows 8 team in a blog post and the App Store was seen standing amongst them. The inclusion of the App Store was more like a confirmation rather than a surprise because a couple of months back when Microsoft previewed the Windows 8, the screenshot showed a prominent “Store” link.

Windows 8 takes a pointed turn with its borrowed interface elements from the Windows Phone 7 platform. The latest operating system is said to support both the familiar desktop interface as well as HTML5/Javascript applications that gives it an appearance of a full screen mobile application.

Microsoft is rumored to have developed the Windows 8 as a result of the influence of the iPad and so the operating system is meant to have a range from touch screen devices to desktop. Since there’s that talk about a Store, we can expect a Windows App Store similar to Apple’s Mac App Store.

But we have no official word whether the company will be branding their store in that name, as it’s a known fact that Apple won’t take it in their stride  when other people use the term “App Store”. As of now, Microsoft already has a place to sell its apps, called the “Marketplace” in Windows Phone 7.

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