Logitech Tablet Speaker Ideal for the iPad; Handy Device Boosts Entertainment to New Levels

August 17, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Even as the world is busy talking of the iPad 3 and the iPhone 5, Logitech seems to have thought of something that would go well with the Apple creations. That has prompted the company to push out of their workshops some good news for tablet fans – particularly the Apple iPad owners.

So all you iPad owners out there, this is for you. The new Logitech offering will help you enjoy your favorite music and movies in stereo sound. The device, the new Logitech Tablet Speaker, comes in the form of a new speaker bar with a rubberized clip that can be easily clipped to your iPad.

It comes with a jack that can be plugged into the headphone port. The speaker has a built-in rechargeable battery that boasts a life of 8 hours and can be charged via USB. Once you use this, you will know how well and effectively it offers loud, clear, stereo sound that is better than the iPad’s internal speakers.

When clipped on to the tablet, it also acts as a stand, providing a 20 degree inclination for your tablet. It can be used during trips as a traveling case is also bundled along with it. There are no details that how many watts it can produce.

The new Logitech Tablet Speaker will be available in stores for $49.99, when it makes its debut this September. You can preorder the device here.

This tube-like speaker that helps you to share some awesome tablet entertainment experience around your world can be carried along, wherever you go. Apple iPad owners, go ahead and see how it shares amplified sound from your tablet and takes it across to your friends. Keep the party rocking!

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