Apple Spaceship Campus Larger than The Pentagon at 1,615 feet

August 17, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There’s a spaceship aiming for the American soil- and it’s being driven by Apple. The company’s campus, dubbed as the ‘Spaceship’ because of the circular shape, is big enough to fit the Pentagon inside it.

Located in the City of Cupertino, California, the spaceship will stretch over a staggering 2.8 million square-foot area and will be having a diameter wider than the New York City Empire State Building laid on its side. The recently revealed floor plans show the diameter of the campus to be measuring 1,615 feet, which is 49 feet more than the diameter of the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense.

In order to compare the size of the circular building, graphic sketches of other objects were laid inside the plans, and that included a cruise ship, U.S. nuclear aircraft carrier, a blimp, a World War II battleship, and a supertanker (in addition to the Pentagon and the Empire State Building). The supertanker called the Seawise Giant is the longest ship ever built to date at 1,504 feet.

The campus will be built on a 150-acre property owned by Apple in Cupertino and will be housing an auditorium that would hold a 1,000 people and new research facilities including 300,000 square feet. Dubbed as the “Apple Campus 2”, the facility can shelter 13,000 employees.

The project is pending approval from the city, but seeing that they have met with encouragement from the neighboring cities and Council, there is no chance of it not getting the nod.

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