LG Thrill 4G Release on AT&T Faces Another Delay

August 16, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Last month we brought you the news that the LG Thrill 4G on AT&T would not be making the stores till August 21st. But it seems that will not happen either.

The device has again faced a delay and this time it’s September 4th that’s been cast as the release mark. The launch date is not officially announced (neither was it before), but this is the speculated release window.

This bit of information was gleaned from a leaked screenshot that showed a September Sunday as the date. The device is still under the label of LG’s summer release though.

We have no inkling as to why the handset has been delayed. The Android smartphone’s list of specifications is quite in order.

AT&T’s high-end smartphone, that is the first to sport glasses free 3D on a 4.3-inch stereoscopic LCD screen, packs a dual core OMAP 3  1GHz CPU, with dual channel RAM and 8GB of on board storage memory. We have not heard any changes in the hardware or software departments of the Thrill.

Hopefully, with all the delay, we might get a better product when the Thrill gets out.

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