Apple iPad 3 Launch Pushed to 2012

August 16, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

iPad fans have got a long wait, for the iPad 3 which was expected to make the markets sometime this year has been reportedly pushed out to 2012. Everyone was looking out for Apple to ship out a limited number of boxes for 2011, but the company has delayed its iPad 3 plans by a few more months.

The put off, it seems, is mainly because of the challenges faced by Apple in assembling the 2048×1536 display. The company had set out to make an expensive and unique display screen which carries four times the normal pixel count.

The denser pixel count has resulted in the need for a larger backlight than that found in the iPad 2 because of the reduction of the amount of light transmitted from the display. This feature combined with the company’s need to make the device in its usual thin form and IPS display quality has reportedly led Apple to stall on the manufacturing process.

There have also been rumors claiming that Apple has only just started its test production of chips, which is why the company is unable to launch the gadget this year. Whatever the number of rumors that are being circulated, one thing is pretty sure; that Apple iPad 3 won’t likely make it to the markets in 2011.

Apple’s iPad 2 shipments are making considerable sales this year, so it might not hurt the company (only the fans) if the new slate is stalled by a few months. Play with the iPad 2 until the third generation gets here.

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