Mr. Freeze Appearing In Batman: Arkham City

August 15, 2011, By Christian Davis

Yet another classic Batman villain will be dueling it out with our favorite caped crusader. The brilliant cryogenics expert Dr. Victor Fries, better known as Mr. Freeze, only wants to avenge the fate of his dear wife Nora. In the process, he made himself one of Batman’s most dangerous archenemy. No, there will be no diatribe comment about a certain Mr. Freeze portrayed in a movie. That’s just way too easy.

Warner Bros. released a trailer of the ice based villain and it honestly looks like a very hard uphill battle for Batman. Not only will you have to watch out from being frozen on the spot but Mr. Freeze also has some sort of force field that activates when Batman gets close; forfending any possible damage.

The trailer also shows Victor releasing several floating drones that you must hide from and probably need to deactivate before getting close to the ice bound villain. Mr. Freeze is definitely a welcomed addition to the increasing roster of Batman villains.

This does raise the question of whether there will be too many villains in Rocksteady’s sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum. What do you think? Are there too many of Batman’s dangerous enemies or are you happy to see these comic book icons together. Let us know in the comments after you watch the trailer.

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