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August 12, 2011, By Christian Cawley

If you’re using a brand new Android tablet that features the Honeycomb operating system then it’s a fair bet that you’re the owner of an advanced portable gaming device.

And you’re probably unaware of this, until now.

Thanks to the NVIDIA Tegra II CPU/GPU, your tablet is capable of delivering great graphics and gameplay on titles as diverse as Angry Birds and the awesome Vendetta Online.

While all games are available via the Android Market, those designed and developed for use on Tegra II devices are made much easier to find via NVIDIA Tegra Zone a free app which showcases all of the games that are designed for use on Tegra II Android tablets.

Gaming is now a massive part of tablet use, and to be aware of the very best titles an app like Tegra Zone can save a lot of time in the Android Market.

NVidia Zone Android Tablet

Using Tegra Zone to Find New Games

The NVIDIA Tegra Zone app is available free from the Android Market and once installed it will provide a list of the games that you simply cannot afford to miss for your Android tablet.

When you initially launch the app you will see two tabs, Spotlight and Games. The first lists all of the most recent releases, while the Games tab lists all available titles. These can be sorted by genre, and games are listed with their prices, a description and a selection of images and sometimes videos to showcase the quality of the titles.

You can view the usual comments and ratings that you would expect to find in the Market, as well any official reviews of the game from industry-leading websites, and there is also an option to purchase the games via a Get It Now button which launches the official Android Market app to complete the transaction. Meanwhile use the menu button on your tablet to use the Share function to let your friends know about a particular game.

The Tegra Zone Games Showcase

Of course, it’s easy enough to find new games in the Android Market without having to use a third party app such as NVIDIA Tegra Zone, and the developers of this app know that. As such, they’ve added a rather smashing element to the app in the shape of the Spotlight, which not only displays a list of currently featured games but also features a news section about upcoming titles.

This news section is really very good, offering summaries, clips and exclusive interviews with key Tegra game developers – think of the whole Tegra Zone experience as an online magazine on your tablet which just happens to be able to sell you games direct to your hardware!

If you have any interest in gaming on your second generation Android tablet then you simply cannot miss the NVIDIA Tegra Zone.

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