Nokia N9 MeeGo Smartphone to Miss Germany Too; We Wonder Who is Next

August 12, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The disappointing phase for Nokia fans continues. Two days ago we heard the device wasn’t coming to the US, and then again yesterday, the  Finnish phone maker just added to the woes by confirming that the N9 MeeGo smartphone will not make it the UK either.

The latest is that the phone has no plans to travel to German territory too.

So, that might also mean that some major markets are going to miss out on what seems to be an amazing device from Nokia.

Though Nokia hasn’t yet given us a clear cut reason as to why such decisions are being made, we tend to think this could be due to their enthusiasm over the Windows Phone 7 smartphone deal they have inked with Microsoft.

Yesterday, when the decision for the UK had come about, Nokia had stated that they would want to take a market-by-market approach to product rollout “and each country decides which products to introduce from those available”. Does that mean, the markets that do not get the device have been indifferent towards the MeeGo device?

Nokia has already made it clear that they are focusing more on the new Windows Phone 7 platform and will consign the MeeGo for research activities. This drops hint that the N9 handset may reach only some limited places in small numbers.

It is three down already, with the US , the UK and Germany not being given the smartphone. Who knows, who’s next? Any guesses?

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