Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Detailed on Nexus S Screenshots

August 12, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We know we don’t have to keep on telling you that the next version of Android OS is to be called Ice Cream Sandwich. Though much has been written about the upcoming OS version, we were yet to get a feel of what it would play like. Looks like we have an answer now!

We have already come across info that said that the upcoming Nexus S will sport Ice Cream Sandwich. Now, folks at RootzWiki have managed to click on a couple of images that detail the OS that runs the Nexus S.

So friends, welcome to the world of Android 4.0, also known by the deliciously alluring name of Ice Cream Sandwich.



Among the varied features the OS will bring about there are some that are extremely tempting. For instance, it would have a new blue theme in place of the green shade that adorned Gingerbread.

Further, the picture also shows a camera with integrated panorama feature and a few Honeycomb-like User Interface detailing.

It is also being said that the Ice Cream Sandwich will launch with Google Shopper. Devices with NFC support will be able to use such a feature when it launches.  Other aspects we could look at are a re-themed Gmail, multiple apps, and apps/widgets launcher.

Though it is the Nexus S that has been caught on camera, it is more likely that the Nexus Prime would get the OS first. We just have to wait to know if that is confirmed news. We hope to hear more on that very soon.

Though very early in the works and not fully functional, Android 4.0 may bring along more aspects that might get Android fans drooling. Get set for the Ice Cream Sandwich, folks! Dont forget to check out two more pictures that folks at AndroidPolice have posted.

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