Apple Fall Media Event Eagerly Awaited; High Hopes on iPhone 5

August 12, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When Apple does something these days, it is only natural that all questions relate to when the iPhone 5 would finally come through. So much has been the hype generated by Apple’s next generation smartphone.  With The Cupertino company now zeroing in on their fall media event scheduled for September 7th, talk of the arrival of the device is also gaining momentum.

But then, look at what we hear in the meanwhile. Forget September 7th, the grapevine has it that the launch of the iPhone 5 happen only on October 1st. Remember, we had brought to you earlier rumors  of  an October date?

That said, all eyes are now on the September media event that Apple will host. If history is what we should bank on, September is the time Apple normally rolls out their iPods. The past three roll outs happened on September 1st 2010, September 9th 2009 and September 9th 2008 respectively. Last year also saw the release of the new iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod shuffle models.

Even as everyone seems to agree that the September dates are for the iPods, there is a hope that the much expected iPhone 5 will be introduced at this year’s event.

In case you would want to look deeper into the chronology, the iPhone gets normally updated during the WWDC event that gets underway around summer. However, this year’s WWDC didn’t see the iPhone. It is only natural that iFans are hopeful of seeing the next-generation model happen this September.

Keep your eyes open, as anything can happen this September. Gear up for September 7 to see what you expect when the curtains go up on Apple’s fall media event.

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