Windows Phone 7 Tips & Tricks: Making a Call

August 11, 2011, By Christian Cawley

There’s more to a Windows Phone than social networking, gaming and office – it’s also designed for you to make phone calls!

With all of the additional bells and whistles that smartphones get thrown in, it’s easy to forget that just a few years ago a phone was a device for speaking to people with. Things have obviously changed a lot, but it is good to see that smartphones can use the additional technology that is now available to help us get around some of those frustrating problems that come with owning a mobile phone.

If you’ve ever had trouble calling home from overseas or remembering your mobile number, these Windows Phone tips and tricks should come in very useful!

Windows Phone 7 Tips & Tricks: Making a Call

What’s My Phone Number?

How many times have you been caught out trying to remember a mobile phone number? Well, if you have your Windows Phone with you when you’re next asked, you can use the very useful number display tool. A far superior solution to dialing a special network number, this is a built-in feature on Windows Phone, and is displayed in Settings > Applications > Phone. Here you will also find your voicemail number should you ever need to call it from a different device or change it.

It’s a lot simpler than calling someone and asking them to read the number back, and best of all you can check your number in the middle of a phone conversation, useful if you’re speaking to a call center.

Disable Caller ID

Not everyone can read your number back, however – particularly if you have caller ID disabled.

By default Windows Phone 7 will display your number to anyone you call, but this might not be something you’re keen on sharing with people, particularly strangers.

Fortunately, Windows Phone offers a flexible solution to this via the Settings > Applications > Phone screen, where you can use the Show my caller ID to drop down menu to choose how your phone number is displayed. By selecting everyone then all numbers you call will display your number; no one will block your number from being displayed completely, while my contacts will only display your mobile number to the contacts you have saved on your phone, assuming the phone number that you have saved corresponds to the number you are calling.

Setting up a Conference Call

Making a call on Windows Phone 7 is usually a case of tapping the phone icon and dialing a number, or searching for a contact and tapping the number to call, but there is one particularly useful trick to keep in mind – the ability to set up a conference call!

After calling your first contact, you can tap the down arrow on the phone display and select Add call to phone another contact. By tapping Merge calls you can then speak to both people at once; you can confirm you are in conference call mode by the word “Conference” which will be displayed at the top of the screen.

Getting International Dialing Help

Remember the right dialing codes is arguably tougher than remembering your own phone number.

If you’re always forgetting to add the international dialing code to your calls back home, you can recruit Windows Phone 7 to fix this for you by opening Settings > Applications > Phone and switching International Assist to On.

With this in use, common mistakes that are made when calling abroad or calling home from overseas will be amended!

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