Google Chrome OS for Tablets on Line

August 9, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google Chrome is among the top internet browsers users use globally. Keeping that in line, Google had introduced the Chrome OS for laptops.

Gadgets running the Chrome operating system are more familiarly known as Chromebooks and they have a very fast processing rate with the ability to boot in just about 10 seconds. The OS is now, reportedly, on road to find a way into tablets.

We had a peek at the tablet version a few months back, and now the latest software mold of the OS for tablets has been compiled by the web developer, François Beaufort. The OS on the slate is bigger, in the sense that everything from the fonts and icons to texts and location bars are all big enough for you to tap away at ease with your fingertips.

You also get an onscreen keyboard to type in, which makes up for the lack of the physical stuff. It looks identical to the ones you would find on Acer and Samsung Chromebooks- all that rounded edges on the big keys!

The OS supplies you with suggestions when you type in a web address or terms at the location bar. That’s typical, but what’s different here is that the suggestions are neatly laid out in a horizontal row.

Google hasn’t made any official announcements on whether this OS will be adopted or not. Until we get a word, we might only see it in its demo form.

Below is the video that François Beaufort posted. Watch it and give us your views.

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