Apple iMac Stripped Down Version Offered to Education Sector for $1000

August 9, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s time for back-to-school and Apple is set to provide the education sector with a comparatively cheaper iMac. Cheaper also means the device would give certain specs the miss. But then, an iMac is certainly one amazing device and the education sector will be more than happy to have it.

Apple’s roll out for schools will be a 21.5-inch model that will sport a $1000 tag. That means, the education sector will be able to avail an iMac for $200 less than the regular entry-level iMacs.

What do schools get when they place their order for the device? The device is to come with a dual-core Core i3 processor running at 3.1GHz. It is up to you to compare that with the regular quad-core Core i5 at 2.5GHz.

On the memory front, the iMac for education will sport 2GB RAM instead of the original 4GB, while the hard drive will be a not-so-good 250GB. Considering that the normal stuff is a 500GB, Apple could have thrown in a bit more.

The graphics department has the same AMD Radeon HD 6750M processor, but with memory shrunk from 512MB to 256MB. Also, missing is the Thunderbolt port.

Other aspects missing include the keyboard with a numeric keypad. The Magic Mouse comes along, but you would find the free option for a trackpad gone.

Though $200 less than the normal price, this stripped down version may be seen as having shed lots.

Does Apple think the schools and colleges won’t complain? But then thinking from a different angle, when they buy in bulk quantities, a discount of $200 per machine might be good savings. May be that could keep educational institutions happy.  But we can’t just ignore the fact that so much power has been cut down. What is your take on that?

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