Maroon 5 Singer Suing Activision Over Band Hero Appearance

August 5, 2011, By Christian Davis

If you’re going to make a music game, don’t include the likeness of any successful musician otherwise they’ll sue you years later. Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine is claiming that he wasn’t aware that he was being used in other songs outside of “She Will be Loved,” for the game Band Hero; which is said to be a breach of his contract and violates his  right of publicity.

He’s particularly upset about his in-game character being used to preform songs from other artists, including female vocalists. The claim states that other artists were informed of this, but Levine was kept in the dark.

This isn’t the first time Activision was sued over one of their music properties. No Doubt is suing the publisher for the same reason and Axl Rose sued Activision for including legendary Guns n’ Roses guitarist, Slash in Guitar Hero 3.

The thing that’s puzzling is how they don’t find out about these things until several years later. Band Hero came out in 2009 and Levine is just now making this discovery. Axl Rose found out about Slash’s inclusion until 3 years after the release of Guitar Hero 3.

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