Asus Eee PC X101 Netbook for Tablet Shelves

August 5, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The tablets on shelves are going to face competition from a gadget different from their family- a netbook. More precisely, from Asus’s Eee PC X101.

This device is Asus’s thinnest and lightest netbook and will be running MeeGo Linux, which too is a first. The slim design, according to the company, was intended so as to push it into the tablet industry as well as the netbook shelves.

The 10 inch netbook wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb in front of all the tablets, because it shares a lot of features with modern Android or iOS tablets. MeeGo OS was specifically designed for use in mobile devices and we see it in the netbook.

The sleek design of the PC X101 has done away with the full-sized Ethernet and VGA ports. Also, you won’t find more than 8GB storage space, which is truly low whether for a tablet or netbook.

The MeeGo OS is capable of supporting for editing documents, Firefox or Google Chrome for surfing the web, or many other applications for editing pictures, playing music or movies, or sending instant messages. But the down side is that you won’t be able to run programs that Windows carries, like the Photoshop or MS Office.

But then, the OS has the backing of Intel, so if this netbook hits applause, then we may see a lot more of MeeGo in the future. Asus has also integrated the user interface with social apps, media storefront and access to an Asus-branded app store for good measure.

Let’s see how the netbook-tablet market handles the new addition. What do you think about the new entry?

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