Windows Phone 7 Tips & Tricks: Email

August 4, 2011, By Christian Cawley

With a Windows Phone device you have at your fingertips a smartphone capable of natively connecting to any number of email account types, from a Windows Live account through POP, IMAP and proprietorial variants such as Yahoo! Mail to Microsoft Exchange. It all depends on the email accounts that you have.

Once an email account is setup, you can use the email tool – a mobile version of Outlook – in the usual way, sending and receiving messages, adding attachments and Cc’ing and Bcc’ing contacts into messages that you send.

It’s also a simple matter to delete an email, or mark a message as read, so that you can ignore it for attention later on.

Windows Phone 7 Tips & Tricks: Email

Setting Up an Email Account

Get started by setting up an email account in Windows Phone 7, something that  is really easy regardless of what email host service you are using. Whether you have a corporate Exchange account or a free Windows Live account, all you need to do is open Settings > Email & Accounts > Add an account and choose the right option. You will notice that if the email service you want to connect to isn’t listed (you might, for instance, have your own domain name) you can use the Other account option to setup your own POP or IMAP solution. Once an account is created, a new tile will appear on the Start screen, ready to update you when messages are received.

Setting an Email Tone

It’s pretty useful to know when you have received a new email message, and along with other notification sound settings this can be setup in the Settings > Ringtones & Sounds screen; scroll down to New email and select your preferred ringtone from the drop down menu. Note that if the Vibrate is active, your phone will also vibrate when an email message is received.

Sending and Receiving Messages

Setting up an email account is no good if you’re not going to check and send emails from your phone. Via the email tile that appears on the Start screen you can quick access you inbox, where replying to an email is a case of selecting the message and tapping the Reply button. Note that you can also use this button to Forward the message. A new email can be created in the inbox view by tapping the + button.

In the compose email window, you can use the menu at the foot of the display to add the Carbon copy (Cc) and Black carbon copy (Bcc) fields, useful for copying in additional recipients – this is available via the Show cc & bcc option. You can also use the Priority option to set a Low, Medium or High rating to the message for the recipient to assign appropriate attention to.

Selecting Multiple Emails for Deletion

If you have several emails that you have read, you can either delete them via the Delete button within each individual message or tap the select button to reveal check boxes that you can tap to select. Here you have the option of using the Delete button to discard the messages, the Move button to drop the messages into a specific folder or, by dragging the menu up, you can Mark as read and Mark as unread.

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