Batman: Arkham City Skins Are Diverse and Awesome

August 2, 2011, By Christian Davis

Batman always did have a lot of suits in his closet. You ever notice in the movies or TV shows that they’d always be hanging up or put in a glass case? Rocksteady is taking all those suits down and letting Batman run around with them on in their latest title Batman: Arkham City. There have been several skins revealed and the fan made Arkham City site has put them all together for us. Note that some of the skins aren’t available in the US.

The skins are(going from left to right):

How to acquire some of these skins is solely based off your location on the planet. If you happen to be living in the UK, then you’ll be able to get all of them from the retailers listed. Hopefully, the list of skins is given to all countries.

Any favorites? I love the Animated series and Batman Beyond skins. Let us know which you like in the comments below.

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