Apple iPhone 5 in Canada on October 1st; to Come Riding the Telus Network

August 2, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Intermittent rumors have been bringing to our midst market talk on the next iteration of the Apple iPhone. The grapevine has, in fact, succeeded in keeping us waiting for a probable September launch date so that we can have our hands on the device as soon as it arrives. Even as the world waits, the latest speculation talks of a possible arrival of the next iteration of the iPhone in Canada.

Our Canadian readers might have started celebrating, right? Carrier Telus is going to be lucky to have the device riding their airwaves. The most enticing part of this part of news is that we have been given a date.

So, from what we hear from the folks at BGR, the Apple iPhone 5 will arrive on Canadian shores riding the Telus network on October 1st.

An internal communication document leaked out of the Telus office in Canada gives us this hint, and we guess we need to trust what we hear now.

However, what makes us wonder is that October 1st is a Saturday, and that is something we do not think Apple would want to have when it comes to releasing such an anticipated device.

If you go down memory lane, you will understand Apple has always chosen a Thursday or a Friday for the roll out of their products. But then, it looks like a Saturday release cannot be ruled out too, going by the fact that Saturdays are also fairly busy days for wireless retailers.

Now that a date is out, we are just waiting to see some kind of a confirmation as to whether the device will have a simultaneous launch in the US along with Canada. Or, will the States have to wait a bit more? Apple, we are waiting!

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