Apple iPad 2 in Line for an Upgrade; Premium Slate Could Come with a Higher Resolution Display and HD Cameras

August 2, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

In the midst of enticing rumors that talk of a third iteration of the iPad, here comes a piece of info that could be make iFans who are looking for an upgrade a happy lot. Cupertino is believed to be readying a high end version of the iPad 2, so as to target business users.

Likely to come with incremental improvements, the device could most probably push its way into the publishing industry and other similar verticals. CNet has been told by analysts that a premium version of iPad 2 would come with a higher resolution screen, front and rear-facing HD cameras.

Expected to arrive during the current quarter itself, the enhanced version of the iPad 2 will get boosted by components made by Hon Hai.

It is being said an upgrade can be done on “anything modular that’s in the device.” Analysts elaborate this saying that the 3G module in device can upgrade to a 4G module.

The display also hold potential for an upgrade. The upcoming iOS 5, which will be rolled out finally by this fall will need to support the upgrades.

We aren’t sure as to whether the cost will also go up. But with a better display likely to be injected into the device, we guess Apple might have to add a few more to the cost factor.

The only challenge before Apple will be as to how to market the enhanced device in a scenario where the iPad 3 is waiting in the wings.

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