Windows Phone Tips & Tricks: Internet Explorer

August 1, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Continuing our look at all of the cool, easy-to-find-but-overlooked functions in Windows Phone 7, we turn our attention this time around to using the web browser.

A hybrid version of Internet Explorer is included in Windows Phone 7, and this is Microsoft’s most accomplished mobile browser yet (something they are expected to improve upon in the Mango release). Offering tabbed browsing, pinch and tap to zoom and a fast page render, the browser is ideal for catching up with the latest news and reviews, checking out galleries and basically anything that doesn’t require Flash Player!

Windows Phone 7 Internet Explorer Tips & Tricks

The following shortcuts, tips and tricks will help you enjoy the best web browsing experience on Windows Phone 7.

Activate Tabbed Browsing

Just as you might find tabbed browsing in Internet Explorer 7 and later, Windows Phone 7’s browser gives you up to six tabs that you can use to view different web pages. To leave one web page open on a tab while you open another, tap the Tabs button at the bottom of the browser (the one resembling two pieces of paper) and then type into the address bar the URL of the page that you want to open.

Sharing Web Pages

There are various avenues for sharing web pages in Windows Phone 7, something that you can do by expanding the menu at the foot of the screen (this is best done by “long tapping” the three ellipses) and selecting Share Page.

You will then be given a selection of your available email accounts to send an email from which includes the link; you can also use the SMS Messaging option.

Searching Within a Web Page

While Windows Phone 7 has great integration with Bing, searching within a web page is slightly different. If you are looking for a specific word that might appear in the web page you are viewing, use the Find on page menu item in the browser menu. This will open a text field for you to search for the phrase you want to use, and when you tap enter the word will be displayed; arrows on the menu bar will enable you to search for further examples of the searched for word or phrase.

Deleting Your Search History

If by any chance you have been a bit bold with your mobile browsing and visited a website that you perhaps shouldn’t have, you can cover your tracks using the delete history option.

This is found in Settings > Applications > Internet Explorer – you can’t miss the prominent Delete history button! Meanwhile your entire history of every search undertaken via your phone’s search button can be discarded via Settings > Applications > Search > Delete history.

Bookmarking and Pinning Web Pages

There are two ways to “favorite” a web page in Internet Explorer Mobile on Windows Phone. The first is via the browser menu bar, where you will spot the Add button. The Favorites button displays any pages that you have added, while swiping left will also display your history of visited web sites.

Another way to favorite a websites is to add it to the Start screen. This will result in the web page appearing as a tile, and you will be able to use this to quickly load up the page rather than first opening the browser. To do this, navigate to the page you want, open the browser menu bar and select Pin to start – the item will now appear each time you go to the Start screen!

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