Viscant Wins EVO 2K11 Marvel vs Capcom 3 Tournament

August 1, 2011, By Christian Davis

This year’s EVO was insane. There were a lot of upsets, some new up and comers, and a whole lot of action going on. The grand finals of EVO 2k11 was some of the best and we saw some new stuff that blew everybody’s mind wide open. Through all the chaos we did get a winner and it wasn’t Justin Wong or Daigo. It was The Box Arena’s Viscant.

Viscan’t showed the world today that he’s been working hard and it definitely showed.

Here’s the complete top 8 list including their characters:

  • Winner: Viscant (Wesker/Haggar/Phoenix)
  • 2. PR Balrog (Wolverine/Dante/Tron/Amaterasu)
  • 3. Justin Wong (She Hulk/Wolverine/Akuma/Storm/Wesker)
  • 4. Combofiend (She Hulk/Taskmaster/Spencer)
  • 5. Noel Brown (Wolverine/Wesker/Akuma/Phoenix)
  • 5. Filipino Champ (Magneto/Sentinel/Phoenix/Dormammu)
  • 7. X-Ray (Dante/Amaterasu/Magneto)
  • 7. Mine (Wesker/Taskmaster/Phoenix)

Before you say anything about Phoenix, know that many players have developed a lot of new technology to defeat her and it worked a lot. Most evident in Viscan’t Grand Final match where he lost Phoenix twice to MCZ|DMG PR Balrog causing the bracket to be reset.

It was an intense match and definitely one that we’ll all remember. Head over to The Box Arena’s website and Like them on Facebook to keep up to date on Viscant and the others members.

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