MCZ|DMG Perfect Legend Wins Mortal Kombat EVO 2K11 Championship

August 1, 2011, By Christian Davis

Mortal Kombat had quite a showing at EVO 2K11. One player that stood out the most was MCZ|DMG Perfect Legend. Going up against a lot of the heavy hitters, Perfect Legend, plowed through the competition and met up with vVv REO in the grand finals.

It was a close game throughout most of the match. REO caused the bracket to be reset with an incredibly skilled Mileena. In the second set however, Perfect Legend took the second set with finesse and took home the championship.

Here’s the top 8 list of the players including their characters:

  • Winner: Perfect Legend (Kung Lao)
  • 2. REO (Mileena)
  • 3. JOP (Raiden/Johnny Cage)
  • 4. Chris G (Reptile)
  • 5. Denzell Terry (Liu Kang)
  • 6. 16-bit (Kitana)
  • 7. OnlineTony213 (Kabal)
  • 8. ATL Redd (Liu Kang)

If you play Mortal Kombat you’d know that Kung Lao is a great character to learn and master. He has great combos, speed, and is just a challenge to play against. REO did a great job making it to second place but for now, Perfect Legend is the best in the world.

Did your favorite player not make the top 8? Let us know who in the comments.

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