Fuudo Wins Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Championship at EVO 2K11

August 1, 2011, By Christian Davis

Are you surprised that the title doesn’t say Daigo won? He was easily the fan favorite and we were all expecting him to win. Fuudo however was determined to prove everyone wrong and took the championship title.

Fuudo’s opponent was Latiff and is known for his insane skill at playing Crimson Viper. Fuudo was ready however and took him down in three matches. This was the only grand final that didn’t have the bracket reset.

Here’s the rest of the top 8 players including their characters:

  • Winner: Fuudo (Fei Long)
  • 2. Latif (C.Viper)
  • 3. Poongko (Seth)
  • 4. Daigo Umheara (Yun)
  • 5. Kindevu (Yun)
  • 6. Tokido (Akuma)
  • 7. Wolfkrone (C.Viper)
  • 8. Flash Metroid (Zangief, C.Viper)

EVO is where all the players come out and do their best and this time around, there were several people who out preformed Daigo giving him a fourth place finish. Daigo was knocked out twice: Once by Latiff into the losers brackets and again by Poongko sending him home. We’ve got the video of Poongko going toe-to-toe with Daigo and it’s not pretty.

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