‘Commando’ Perk Removed in Modern Warfare 3

August 1, 2011, By Christian Davis

If you read the title, I expect you to be exceedingly happy right now. If you can’t quite remember the perk from Modern Warfare 2, it involved increasing your knife lunge to unimaginable lengths causing most, if not all Modern Warfare 2 players, to curse out the perk and the player using that perk.

Infinity Ward know that this is probably the least favorite perk out of them all and they’re completely removing it from their upcoming sequel. Infinity Ward Community Manager, Rober Bowling informed us of the changes to melee combat when responding to a twitter question. Stating that “It’s been balanced, plus Commando is no longer in the game. Beyond that, you’ll have to wait and see.”

Is it really that big of a deal? Absolutely! Game Informer found a video (shown below) that demonstrates perfectly on how the commando perk works. That perk in combination with marathon(unlimited sprint) was a common problem and you’d even lunge at people faster then the bullets would come out of your gun. It made no sense and no one will miss it.


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