AT&T Reportedly Issues Blackout Notice for September End; Hints at iPhone 5 Arrival

August 1, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Vacations are what we like the most and it looks like AT&T employees are not allowed to have them this term. But that might turn out to be for our fortunes.

You can see above the screenshot of an email from a person claiming to be an AT&T employee, who says that the carrier will not allow any vacations to be taken during the last two weeks of September.

Rumors are flying on the proposed denial of vacation at the end of September for employees “due to an event blackout”. This is similar to those occasions when an iPhone was about to break out into the markets.

So looking at the wind blowing, we can expect an iPhone release somewhere around the last two weeks of September. This also spells the eagerly awaited iPhone 5.

AT&T has also, allegedly, warned its employees about increased foot traffic in its stores during September, ahead of a launch, in the middle of the month. But we have heard contrary reports of iPhone 5 making an appearance by the middle of September, so leave this bit of news hanging in the air.

There is no dearth of speculations however, with flyers going around about Apple’s initial mid-September shipment of 4 million units of the new iPhone. Going by the company’s latest quarterly report, they are expecting a “future product transition” in September.

Well, we keep hearing them and we keep telling you. So if you get anymore info on this, whisper it to us.

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