Apple iPhone 5 Cases Spotted; Hints at a Thinner, Larger Device

July 30, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

September is closing in on us, and we are almost about to see the iPhone 5 roll out – if the rumors are to be believed, that is. As if adding strength to the excitement, a handful of possible iPhone 5 cases have surfaced. A closer look tells us that the next iteration of the iPhone will be thinner, but larger than the predecessors.

Silicon cases that have emerged in the form of pictures have been snapped up by folks at MIC Gadget for us to see. The makers of the cases seems to have studied the form factor in detail and that explains the larger size, tapered sides and slots for the ringer and volume controls on opposite sides. These are new aspects about the phone.

The cases thus give us a fair idea of the design of the iPhone 5. What makes us wonder is the positioning of the camera, as the cases give us a contrary view compared with reports we had earlier seen.

They sport the camera and flash in the same general location. May be Apple has thrown in a wider flash area so as o bring in a dual LED flash feature. We, however, will need to wait for a confirmation on that.

The latest pictures of the new cases are posted here for you to judge what kind of form factor and design the next-gen iPhone will be like. Tell us if you love the new design or are you okay with the iPhone 4 design that had made you happy when it had arrived in your midst.

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