Heroes of Newerth Goes Free To Play

July 29, 2011, By Christian Davis

The term “free to play” is something that we’ve been seeing a lot lately. It’s almost as if PC games need to go this route to become successful. Valves, Team Fortress 2 is now free to play, All Points Bulletin (APB) is headed towards free to play, and now S2 Games’ Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) is now free to play.

The MOBA genre of gaming has seen a pretty rapid increase primarily thanks to League of Legends. The developers just announced that their title has surpassed 15 million registered players with 1.4 million playing on a daily basis. Those are some great stats. Naturally, another MOBA title, Heroes of Newerth (HoN) would love nothing more than to increase it’s “460,000 unique active player” fan base and is also going to adopt the free to play model.

The new free to play HoN will come with three account types: Basic, the standard account players receive for signing up; Verified, which are basic accounts that have been upgraded through a “show of commitment” such as playing for a certain length of time or purchasing in game currency; Last is Legacy which are for players who had a paid user account before the free to play model was implemented. These accounts receive a lifetime of free access to all HoN heroes and are able to play in Verified Only games, to ensure that experts and beginners are separated. Want a Legacy account? Tough luck because those are not for sale.

“With the transition to free-to-play we’re opening HoN up to new audiences as our players can now easily introduce the game to their friends,” said S2 Games CEO and co-founder Marc DeForest. “S2 has a serious level of commitment to our players to continuously improve both the game and their experience. With the new account types and match-making standards in place, both novice and existing players will benefit from the upgraded structure.”

Basic and Verified accounts will have access to a rotating pool of 15 heroes. Like League of Legends, if you grow attached to a specific hero, buy them and their yours forever.

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