Apple iPhone 5 Image Surfaces Out of Nowhere; We Just Hope it is Legit

July 29, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Okay, yet another iPhone 5 rumor here. And, this time, it happens to be a picture of the upcoming device. Excited? We too are, though the picture spotted doesn’t do much justice to the claim that this is an Apple iPhone 5. But then, we wouldn’t want to write it off too.

The sneak peek on what is believed to be an iPhone 5 comes courtesy of an iFan who tipped off folks at 9to5mac by sending them what he saw. Believed to be an iPhone 5 at play in the hands of – presumably – an Apple employee somewhere near San Francisco, this leak appears to be legit.

However, we can’t just confirm that though the claim is that it isn’t a prototype. Going by what we see, the device sports a screen size reminiscent of the EVO. However, the iPhone 5 in the picture looks much thinner than the current iPhone 4 – but has a wider form factor with rounded edges.

The rear sports a curvy design complete with tapered glass – or is it plastic? If you have doubts as to whether this indeed is an iPhone 5, the logo that the user managed to hide almost all the time but exposed accidentally shows this could – in all likelihood – be the iPhone 5 we all are waiting to play with.

Considering that Apple normally does such real world tests before pushing their devices on to the launch pad, this could be one such case. The Apple employee who was seen playing with the device could be just one in a crowd. Tell us if you are really excited seeing this, and why!

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