Amazon Tablet Most Likely to be an Android-Powered eReader

July 29, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When Amazon makes an entry into the tablet horizon, what would you expect that to be like? If you are looking forward to see a cute little slate that will beat other tablet rivals already in the market and those to come, you might be in for some surprise. For, we hear that the Amazon tablet could be more of an Android-run eReader than a tablet!

So if you expect an iPad rival here, we would want you to get set for a competitor to the Barnes & Noble-powered Nook Color.

That might also mean the Amazon slate could give the miss to some high end features normally seen on tablet devices.

What all, then, would you get to play with when it actually arrives? The specs list could be somewhat akin to this. Apart from the Android OS and color touchscreen, the device might make the most of Amazon’s Appstore, Amazon MP3 store, Amazon Prime video streaming and rentals and Amazon Kindle for books and magazines.

The general multipurpose tablet properties could be missing. But it could be too early to speculate too much on those aspects.

We are likely to see the device hit the sales counters later this year. So we guess we need to be patient for a bit more. What do you feel?

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