Windows Phone Theme Customization

July 28, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Windows Phone 7 features a rather conservative-looking user interface that can nevertheless be altered to reflect the tastes of the user.

While a grid of tiles on a background might not seem all that inspiring, what the tiles represent is a concentration of different native functions that can be easily accessed without scrolling through great long lists of apps.

However, while considerable revision to the default user interface isn’t possible (although some apps offer a “what might have been/what could be” impression of how a tweak to the tiles and the background might revolutionize the look of Windows Phone 7) it is still possible to alter the colors of the tiles and the background, allowing you to match up colors that suit your mood.

Windows phone 7 theme customization

Editing the Tile Colors on Windows Phone 7

By default, the Windows Phone 7 tiles and background are preset by the mobile operator supplying the phone. If your device is straight from the manufacturer, however, then the colors are those preset by the manufacturer; you might also see some colors unique to that vendor, such a shade of blue for one popular carrier.

In order to change the tile colors on your Windows Phone, you will need to hit Start, swipe left to open the apps list, go to Settings > Theme and tap the Accent color to open the list of available colors.

Note that this not only changes the color of your tiles, but also of the accents on the phone. An accent is pretty much anything that is clickable or that should be highlighted on your phone, such as appointments in your calendar, or the subject of emails.

Changing the Windows Phone 7 Background

Another way in which you can alter your phone to suit your mood is by changing the background color. This is slightly less useful as remarkably only two choices are available by default, Dark and Light. These can be activated via Settings > Theme > Background, and while it might seem that the choice is limited, when combined with the various accent color choices for your tiles then you can see that while the choice is restricted there are still various different looks that can be achieved on your Windows Phone.

These settings are sadly rather basic and don’t do this great new mobile platform many favors. However, given the reviews that the Windows Phone Mango update has been getting and the news that many new APIs are set to be opened up to developers, it could be just a matter of time before a bland red and black accent and background combination is replaced with a custom background, slightly transparent tiles with rounded edges and any color you can think of!

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