Apple iPhone 5 by Second Week of September; iPad 3 for Thanksgiving

July 28, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Launch: Second week of September. Initial order: 4 million units. Wonder what we are talking about here? Those who have earlier been subjected to the iPhone 5 rumor onslaught will know, this again is another grapevine murmur on the next iteration of Cupertino’s mobile phone.

So, as per the latest rumor we need to be all set to welcome the iPhone 5 by the second week of September. Folks at The China Times are more than sure that the phone will come by then, and would have an initial order of 4 million units.

This news comes thanks to reports that speak of suppliers readying that number of phones as trial units.  This, we guess, is to make things perfect and smooth before the launch.

Even as we wait for the arrival of the iPhone 5, there is also talk of the iPad 3 being delayed a bit. We have been hearing about the next generation iPad coming to us by this fall. Earlier reports had mentioned that too.

Now, with the iPhone 5 set for September, we get to know that the iPad 3 will come only November – that is around Thanksgiving. The reason being said is shortage of parts for the slate.

Apple has made it a habit to bring in their slate devices only during Spring. The November date, therefore, needs to be consumed with a pinch of salt. Apple, however, could be in for a new strategy – who knows! Tell us what’s in your mind.

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