Google+ Allegedly a Male Dominant Site

July 27, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Want to hear an interesting fact about Google+? A major part of the networking site’s users are male.

You have the Google+ stats trackers to thank for,  for getting us little trivia like these. SocialStatistics, which gathers data from select sites, estimates the male users at 86.8% while, FindPeopleOnPlus, marks down the male population as 73.7% in Google Plus.

FindPeopleOnPlus claims that people who ‘are looking for love’ on the networking site  are mostly males and that accounts to about 95% of the profiles. About 25,000 users in their sample identify themselves as single compared to the 19,000 married and 12,000 in a relationship.

The vast majority of the million users sampled don’t say what they are. Web developers or software engineers take up 60% of the percentage of users, and this kind of gives us a glimpse of what Google+’s userbase is made of; techno-savvy guys with time on their hands.

Some may say that men are more inclined to test out new technology when compared to women. Even if that’s true, that doesn’t take the pressure of the site’s shoulders.

Google+’s biggest rival, Facebook, can claim to have an almost equal percentage of users from both genders. So if Google needs everyone in their account, they have to be more appealing to both sexes.

We heard that Google is going to take out the gender column of the mandatory list from the login info given to users. This might make it more difficult for trackers to pen down the male/female user percentage.

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