Apple iOS-run Devices Set for Adobe Flash Content; Thank Mobixell for That [Video]

July 27, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

iOS is awesome, we all know. But all you iFans out there would have at least once wished to have Adobe Flash too on your devices, right? Worry no more! For, media mobile data solutions provider Mobixell Network is bringing it on. Mobixell has made official their new solution that will enable viewing of Adobe Flash video content on the Apple iPhone and iPad.

Christened Mobixell Seamless Access 5, the new product will bring to your devices Adobe Flash video. Incidentally, we guess you know the lack of Adobe Flash on iOS devices had caused operator problems in the past. Most of the blame had been on the operators, for not addressing the problem effectively.

The new Mobixell Seamless Access 5 solution will bring unto the mobile operator community who are battling the problem and are looking for some way to make subscribers smile.

Bringing on Adobe Flash video content on Apple iOS devices is like a dream come true, isn’t it? The move, as Noam Green, the VP of marketing at Mobixell believes,

“…would give mobile operators a great competitive advantage by improving the user experience for their most valuable customers. Mobixell Seamless Access runs on the operator’s network. So, mobile operators can hand over control of the video viewing experience to their customers without payment or complications: just a smooth, uninterrupted browsing, navigating and viewing experience.”

From what we understand, Mobixell’s Seamless Access 5 clientless solution will put to play real-time server-side adaptation of Adobe Flash video content to a format that comes supported by Apple HTTP Live Streaming protocol. This, in turn, would provide mobile operators with the power to offer high quality Flash experience.

The more than 200 million devices currently running Apple iOS have been waiting. Bring it on, Mobixell. Hit the play button below for a demo.

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