Real Life Mass Effect 3 N7 Rifle

July 26, 2011, By Christian Davis

Now, some cosplayers bring actual weapons to conventions. They’re just lazy and their costumes aren’t going to be as cool. Now, if you had the craftsman ship of Harrison Kriz, aka Volpin, then you could easily make an extremely lucrative career out of creating videogame props.

Kriz has made props from videogames in the past. You’ve probably seen his Portal Gun a few times and have wondered why you don’t have it on at this very moment, but the amount of detail shown in this Mass Effect 3 N7 Rifle is astounding.

No, this doesn’t actually shoot anything like a nerf dart or paintballs. It’s purely a wood model. I know, wood never looked so good. The work of Volpin is really something to be admired and on his blog, he even goes though the design process and posts images from his works in progress. It’s great to see the things he can create and this is just a hobby for him.

Head over to this blog to see more of his work or click here to go directly to the N7 Rifle. If only Mass Effect 3 came with this.


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