Legend of Zelda Villain, Ganon Will Not Be In Skyward Sword

July 25, 2011, By Christian Davis

Usually when you think Legend of Zelda, you also think of the notorious Ganon that always seems to be the cause of everyone’s problems. If you dreaded another fight to the death with him, you can rest easy because he will not be making an appearance in the upcoming title.

“Ganon typically appears in a Zelda game when the story is centered around the Triforce,” said Zelda series producer EijiAonuma. “This time around, the Triforce sort of takes on a different meaning and plays a different role in the story. So because of that, Ganon will not appear.”

So who’s going to take the place of Ganon? A wizard by the name of Lord Ghirahim. The new villain is quite different that what we’ve grown accustomed too in a Legend of Zelda villain. Gannon was “very masculine, powerful and a evil.” Ghirahim has almost a “unisex-like, genderless feel.”The wizard has appeared in some of the past trailers and in the latest Comic-Con trailer(shown below).

There’s quite a bit different with the upcoming Legend of Zelda installment. For example rather than look for the Master Sword to defeat Ganon, you’ll be discovering it’s origins. Zelda is a long time friend instead of a princess. Though she’ll still have a “tremendous fate placed on her shoulder.”

Here’s the Comic-Con trailer below. Let us know what you think of the changes in the comments.

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