Cosplayer Brings AR-15 Rifle To Comic-Con

July 25, 2011, By Christian Davis

Comic-Con 2011 just ended and there was a lot of amazing things happening there this year. Movie News, game news, comic book announcements and a whole lot more. One of the best things about this convention are the loyal fans that dress up as their favorite characters. A lot of time the fans spend months refining their costume and props so they look as real as possible. Some of them go all out though and just bring real weapons.

Destructoid’s Dale North reports that he heard Comic-Con security guards joking about  how many of the fan made weapons look genuine. Turns out they were.

A cosplayer brought a real AR-15 assault rifle to the convention. Now whether he was hardcore about his costume or just too lazy to create his own is up to you but that’s not the only thing they confiscated this time around.

News outlet Sign On San Diego reports that Comic-Con security took two machetes, a dagger, a commando-style K-bar knife, and a lead pipe.

Can’t really imagine why people think bringing real weapons to a convention would be a good idea.

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