Capture In-Game Screengrabs

July 25, 2011, By Christian Cawley

It’s often cool to be able to take screen grabs to demonstrate the use of a piece of software or perhaps a particular scene from a video game. While standard screenshots of the Windows desktop can be taken by tapping the Print Screen key, making use of the Windows snip tool or one of many third party solutions, grabbing stills from games is a different matter entirely.

Capture In-Game Screengrabs

This is due to the way in which video games use the graphics capability of your computer; attempts to use native or other standard desktop screenshot utilities often result in a black square rather than the actual game.

So how do we take snaps of images in video games? How do games reviewers and walkthrough writers grab those vital images to demonstrate what’s going on?

There are a few different methods for doing this, but the best come courtesy of the popular Steam digital delivery system and an alternative, WeGame.

Using WeGame for In-Game Screenshots

Available from, this is a useful app that not only allows you to record, capture and share videos and screen captures from within games, the app also offers the facility to download games.

You get started with this tool by using the Signup link on the homepage and then using the Download Client link to download the software to your PC. Once installed, run WeGame and then click the Games tab; using the Scan for Games button you can then force the software to scan your games library.

With the games logged and WeGame running in the background when you play, all you need to do is hit a key or keyboard combination to capture an image. This is done via Settings > Screenshots and defining a Screenshot Hotkey, and the hotkey can then be used while you’re playing!

Note that you can choose to upload your screenshots to WeGame, and this can be done either manually or automatically. As you might be playing an online game you might prefer to retain control over your bandwidth, so the manual option might be preferred here.

Capture Screengrabs with Steam

Using WeGame isn’t the only method of grabbing cool screenshots from within your games. If you use Steam – and an increasing number of people do – you can easily record images of your progress through your favorite games using a new feature that has recently been introduced!

To configure capturing screen grabs in Steam, open the client and then go to Steam > Settings; on the In-Game tab, configure a Screenshot shortcut key by left-clicking into the space and tapping the single key or combination of keys that you wish to use.

It shouldn’t be long before you’re playing games and recording some great moments, which will be available to you to enjoy via View > Screenshots; here you will be save the images to another folder on your computer or upload them to Steam!

Note that this method only applies to titles that you have activated via Steam.

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