Apple iPhone 5 Likely to Land Stateside on September 5th

July 25, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple didn’t zero down on anything, but they did confirm that they will have a new product for us in September. And now we are seeing flyers everywhere about the iPhone 5 and that it’s going to be out within two months.

The pics you see here are the concept design by Michal Bonikowski and not the actual Apple product. There are strong rumors that the mobile carrier Swisscom will be carrying the iPhone 5 when it releases on October 5th. And it seems we might have heard the actual launch date.

This date might actually be the date when the iPhone makes it into the global markets. US citizens will be treated to the Apple product one month prior to the worldwide launch.

That means we can pin the date for the US release down to the 5th of September (keeping our fingers crossed). Historically speaking, Apple has done this kind of launching in the past.

The iPad was first introduced Stateside before letting the other countries their share. So going by that, we are hopeful of this bit of rumor coming true.

But there’s another side to this story. We have no idea whether the rumor points specifically to the iPhone 5 or the 4S.

Since there are a few more weeks before the launch of the product, we should be hearing something from the company…or maybe another batch of rumors.

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