Take Great Camera Phone Snaps with a Tripod!

July 22, 2011, By Christian Cawley

It’s strange that so many of us spend so much time snapping photos on our mobile phones rather than with a dedicated camera, yet so many snaps turn out below par.

The reason for this is a lack of knowledge about basic photography techniques, and inexperience in handling a digital camera mounted on a phone. Our previous selection of tips and tricks for digital photography with a camera phone should come in useful regardless of the device you are using, but it is probably fair to say that one element of it was understated somewhat.

If you have any plans of snapping good quality photos with your digital camera phone, you really must invest in a suitable tripod device.

With a tripod holding your phone you immediately lose the threat of camera shake, and regardless of how good your phone’s camera software is, it just isn’t possible to fix shake completely and adequately.

More to the point, tripods for mobile phones are affordable and increasingly popular, so you basically can’t ignore this advice!

Take a great photo with a camera phone tripod attachment

What Is the Best Camera Phone Tripod for Me?

As there are so many camera phones available, all with different form factors (and let’s face it, pretty much every cellphone has a camera built in these days), then you will need to choose the right tripod for your phone.

Different devices are available, usually taking the form of a clamp or holder for your phone which then screws onto the tripod in the traditional manner; the tripods are often quite small, but they’re usually suitable for traditional cameras and DSLRs as well.

If you own an iPhone, the Joby Gorilla stand is a good option, designed exclusively for that device and with some very useful legs that not only stand but also wrap around objects! This enables you to take steady, crisp photos from all manner of unusual angles!

Other Advantages of a Camera Phone Tripod

As well as allowing you to create shake-free photos, using a tripod with your mobile phone camera will afford you some excellent close-up photography of the type you wouldn’t usually be able to manage. For instance, you could set up your tripod and phone to photograph some wildlife close-up, or take snap some objects on your desk with some interesting lighting effects.

The support of the tripod also allows you to take advantage of zoom levels that you might not normally attempt by hand, and if your mobile phone platform has some suitable apps, you can take advantage of some great processes such as stop-motion and time-lapse photography!

To top it all off you can make use of the tripod to arrange and snap timed photographs that you are a part of.

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