Listen to MP3s on Your Phone While You Drive!

July 22, 2011, By Christian Cawley

If you use your mobile phone as an MP3 player, the chances are that you like to listen to music when travelling. Usually, this would be a case of connecting headphones and pressing play as you sit on buses, trains and airplanes waiting to get from A to B while listening to the latest podcast or a new album from iTunes, but in some cases this might be highly inconvenient.


Well, you might be performing a task that doesn’t really suit headphones, or want to share your tunes with fellow passengers in your car.

Obviously, headphones are no good for this activity, which is why different ways to enjoy music in this way have been established.

Listen to MP3s on your phone while you drive!

The Old-Fashioned Method

If you just want to pipe the music from your phone through to the car stereo, and the latter has a cassette player, you can take advantage of relatively low-cost cassette adaptor devices.

These are basically cassettes without the tape, and feature modest electronics that will feed the music through from the headphone jack to your car stereo. This will then “play” the music that you have selected on your phone, and you can use both the phone volume and the volume and equalization settings on your car stereo.

It’s basically a case of hooking up the device to your phone, inserting the “cassette” and pressing play on your phone or MP3 player. Note that the volume on your phone will control the sound levels as much as the volume control on your car stereo, and that you might choose to combine this option with a dashboard mount to hold your phone or MP3 player in place; this will enable you to check what tracks are playing, and skip forward if necessary.

Mobile Phone Radio Apps

Probably the most popular and certainly the slickest solution to listening to MP3s from your mobile phone on your car stereo is via a radio broadcast app. This is a useful piece of software that will enable you to wirelessly “tune in” to your phone using the car radio, saving you from purchasing cables and allowing you to keep your phone in your pocket rather than mounting it on your dashboard or windscreen.

Apps of this kind are available for iPhone and Android devices, with other handset types yet to catch up. This method is very useful, however, and should not be overlooked.

You don’t have to be restricted by MP3s, either. If you are using a smartphone, why not take advantage of one of the online streaming apps such as, or a digital radio app for tuning into stations around the world via the Internet? This is a great way of picking up radio stations that you wouldn’t normally be able to reach, and is particularly popular among service men and expats as a way of listening to their favourite shows back home.

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