Business Users Gravitating to the iPad; Good Technology Findings See Rise in iOS Activations

July 22, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you happen to be one among the thousands out there who would want to get a hang of what exactly has is happening in the mobile OS arena, let us tell you the trend of personal smartphones and tablets infiltrating the workplace is being led by Apple’s iOS. Though it is quite obvious that iOS and Google’s Android smartphone platforms have been influencing the state of affairs on that terrain, the second quarter of 2011 has made it extremely clear that iOS has accelerated ahead of Android – from just below 70 percent to just under 80 percent of total device activations.

The picture comes clear, thanks to Good Technology’s quarterly data report detailing the changing landscape of IT and mobile enterprise technology. Good Technology, as you know, is a leading provider of secure and managed enterprise mobility for iPhone, iPad, Android and other leading smartphone platforms.

Looking deeper into the report, we find that for the first time ever, the second quarter saw an added number of iOS tablet  (read iPad and iPad 2) activations than a combined number of Android smartphones and tablets activated during the same period.

Going by what John Herrema, senior vice president of corporate strategy at Good Technology has to say:

“While Android may be gaining smartphone market share with consumers, our business users are clearly gravitating to the iPad and doing so in large numbers. This is especially true in the Financial Services sector, which drove nearly half of all Good’s iPad activations over the quarter.”

The scenario is crystal clear. People’s preference for Apple products is head-and-shoulders above what Android activations have managed – 27.2 percent and 24 percent respectively

Going deeper, it has also been found that among the top 10 industry verticals, financial services saw the highest level of iPad activation. This, in fact, accounted for nearly half of net iPad activations by industry  – at 46%.

Good also says that iOS tablets represent over 95 percent of total tablet activations, while Android tablets fell a tad to 3.1 percent.


Focusing more on smartphones and leaving out tablets, it has bee found that Android devices accounted for close to 33 percent of all smartphone activations, as against iPhone‘s 66 percent. This is significant considering the fact that Android’s overall market share had seen some good growth.

Want to have a detailed look at the findings? Head here for that and tell us what you feel.

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