Apple iPhone 5 May Come Earlier than Expected; Verizon Inventory Phase Out Hints at That

July 22, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

What do you infer when a carrier on whose network the Apple iPhone 4 rides on suddenly decides to phase out inventory? The answer is obvious. The carrier might just be preparing themselves to usher in the next iteration of the device. Rumors haven’t ever had a dull day when it comes to the iPhone 5, right? This one too is what the grapevine tells us.

Adding one more to the never ending saga of iPhone 5 rumors, we hear Verizon is cutting down prices of iPhone 4 accessories and thereby phasing out stock. That could well mean that the next generation of the iPhone is round the bend, much earlier than we thought.

Though this talk doesn’t mention a date of roll out for the iPhone 5, it is more than obvious the release might happen much earlier than the August/September launch that was being hinted a few days ago.

We are also looking to know if it only be Verizon that would carry the device or would Sprint and T-Mobile too get the iPhone 5.

Remember, we had seen these names too doing the rounds some time back. Apple, we guess, would be bent on going for a Verizon launch, thanks to the success the iPhone 4 had on the carrier.

All said, iPhone 4 is moving out to make way for the successor. If all rumors are read together, we could expect the iOS 5 device that would definitely more charming and alluring. Gear up, folks.

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