Viber Officially Released for Android; Provides Free Calls and Messages

July 20, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

iPhone users were going pretty smug on the fact that they could use VoIP in their iPhones. You might (if you are an Android user) have felt pretty let down by the credit death in your phone by voice calls.

Fret no more…for Viber is now yours to be used. The free Voice-Over IP application allows you to make free text messages and free calls with other Viber users.

The App is now available in the Android Market so you will be able to smile back at your iPhone friends. The availability in both Android an iPhone will now make Viber more accessible to friend circles.

3G connectivity or WiFi network will suffice for the app to work. Getting this app is very simple for you don’t need any kind of rough registration to use it.

You just need your existing phone number and contact list to be a Viber user. The Android version of the app with the in-built SMS has the same features as the iOS version, plus a few extra ones too.

Pop-up text message notification, in-app call logs, and the option to use Viber as your default dialer are some of the few extra features on the Android app. When you receive a call from another Viber user, you get a full call screen.

The pop-up text message notification allows you to respond to text messages without having to open Viber. The app is integrated quite solidly into the phone, so you won’t find it a problem to see your regular call logs and messages within Viber.

There’s a default dialer setting with which you can set the Viber dialer for all calls (even if it’s not Viber).

The popularity of the app can be seen from the fact that it has around 12 million active users and 20 million registered users within seven months of its launch.

Moreover, the revolutionary mobile application clocks a call traffic volume of over one billion minutes of calls every day with an average of 6 minutes per call. Pretty impressive, we say.

Check the video below and tell us if you are interested in being one of the users…or are you one of them?

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