Motorola Bionic Likely to be a Memory; Dinara on the Cards

July 20, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Any guesses to what Motorola is spinning in that technical heads of theirs? They have raised our hopes by drawing up a Bionic (which we seriously doubt whether we’ll get to see) and bill-boarding it in our minds for the past few months.

Flashback six months back to the CES 2011 and we see Motorola standing on the podium and introducing us to a ware named the Bionic. But since then, apart from snide rumors, we haven’t seen flap or screen of the said Bionic.

Android handsets by the dozen led by the ThunderBolt and closely followed by the Charge and LG Revolution entered the market since the CES. Even devices that weren’t announced at the CES have made a scheduled appearance in the markets (remember the DROID 3, DROID X2 and Xperia Play).

An early second quarter Bionic release was expected which was quickly flushed down the drain by a company update informing the device launch to be in Q3 instead. With the device being kicked around so much, it really needs to be seen whether its launch now would make an impact or not.

We have a device popping out every other day such that it might make the Bionic technology outdated by the time it’s released. Granted that the Bionic can boast of grander specifications than its Android rivals, but the delayed release after making an official announcement might quite possibly land it in the flop bucket.

We wonder whether the company did actually forget about the Bionic, because they are, in all aspects, gearing up for a new piece of gadget. We have got a whiff from the rumor wind that the company is raking up one of the first Android superphones called Dinara.

This device will supposedly be carried by Verizon and is speculated to be the bigger brother to the Bionic.

A larger HD display, seemingly the same size as the Bionic but with the display tighter to the edges, and packing a TI dual-core processor and 1GB RAM is expected to be under works. It will be having an internal, non-removable battery and shutterbugs can go crazy with what’s reported to be a 13 Megapixel rear camera.

The Dinara does sound saucy, doesn’t it? Let’s just hope that it doesn’t get pushed around too much like the Bionic.

What do you think? Dinara or Bionic? Which one will make it first to the market?

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