Nokia Sea Ray Leaked Video Surfaces in China

July 19, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Yet again the Sea Ray slips away from the hands of Nokia. This time the Nokia smartphone has surfaced in a Chinese video showcasing its case design and a pre-release play.

Last month it was the Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop, who let the Sea Ray out of the bag during a presentation. This time the phone reveals a lot more with its touch-sensitive buttons and its various ports around the edges.

The video shows the device to be dressed in a kind of test chassis, reminiscent of the earlier Nokia casings which the company uses to camouflage its devices from spying eyes (wonder who that that is!).

Under the case, we can see the Sea Ray with its volume and a camera button on the sides and the capacitive back/Start/search buttons under the display. The micro-USB port, which is covered by a flap, is also visible on the top edge.

The handset does bear some similarities in design to the Nokia N9. But we have no idea what the phone carries under the hood.

A Texas Instruments OMAP 3630 processor was used for the company’s MeeGo handset, but this time an exclusive partnership between Microsoft and Qualcomm has been signed for Windows Phone chipsets.

You can only get a glimpse of the software, as the clip for the most part shows a boot screen. Nokia hasn’t yet commented on its Windows phone yet apart from hinting on an end-of-the-year release.

Here’s the video for you to check out on the Windows Phone.

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