Pre-Order Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and receive Spartan Armor and an Exclusive Game Modifying Skull

July 18, 2011, By Christian Davis

Still not sure on whether you want to get the upcoming Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary title? Maybe these additions will convince you. Gamers who pre-order the upcoming Halo title will receive two pre-order bonuses; one will have you avatar look like the snazziest avatar in history, the other will show everyone’s appreciation for the Grunts.

The first bonus will give players their very own signature Master Chief avatar armor(shown above). As cool as that is, the best bonus is dedicated to the Grunts. The “Grunt Funeral” skull will have every grunt you pump with lead explode in a plasma filled blaze of glory. It’s similar to the “Grunt Birthday Party” skull minus the confetti and laughing children. This also means that mowing down multiple grunts can cause a massive chain reaction, so you’ll have to watch out.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary comes out November 15th so why not get a little information on the game first? Below we have a behind the scenes video for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. In-depth commentary on the creation of upcoming game and the process behind the making of it.

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