iPhone Demand in US Surpasses Android in ChangeWave Study

July 18, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Latest estimates are indicating smartphone customers are on a spree over iPhone rather than Android phones. The study initiated by ChangeWave pointed out this contrast challenging the common conviction about Android over iPhone.

The study showed the likes of customers potential to buy a smartphone within next 3 months – 46% is planning for iPhone, while 32% is opting for Android and only the rest have plans for giants like Blackberry, windows phone etc. iPhone was dominating power in the arena till September 2009 when the powerful and Motorola Droid debuted the sector and gave Android the deserving significance.

But iPhone still hold the highest demand for a non-launch window and was succeeded by the iPhone 4 which released a year ago.  And with the current estimates that the demand for the phone could go awry with the upcoming September launch of iPhone 5.

The analyst points the reason to the Verizon iPhone. Because by the end of 2010 Android and IPhone subscribers was almost equal.

But things changed dramatically when Verizon customers were opened to choose iPhone instead of Android. Since then Motorola has been loosing its dominance. ChangeWave said that its share of buyers has dropped by a third to eight percent now that it’s no longer sheltered from having to compete directly with Apple.

All the compasses point to Apple’s good will in future. Apple’s cloud computing option, iCloud, one of the USP for customers who bought any kind of Apple product, and attracted 29 % who are planning to buy a smartphone is also tempting the neutral customers too.

If we look at the smartphone satisfaction statistics, Apple also emerges as a winner here too. 70% of iPhone users are satisfied in their phones but Android only could satisfy half of their owners. RIM comes quite last in list with just 26 % succeeded by Windows with 27% mostly being dragged down by its legacy.

Check the graphs below to get glimpse on the survey.




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