iPhone 4GS Prototype Images Allegedly Surfaces in China

July 18, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Chinese have been allegedly treated to Apple’s iPhone 4 prototype. Images of the devices were posted on a Chinese micro-blogging site (like twitter) and the pictures are claimed to be of an “iPhone 4GS” test model running iOS 4.0.

The unit appears to be identical to the iPhone 4 with a reported 5 megapixel camera based on the diagnostic software. The screenshot of the phone shows it to bear resemblance to an older iPhone 4 prototype.

The iTunes artwork shown in the images spoke of the device being an iPod, but the image has the device labeled as iPhone 4. Moreover, the serial number as well as the iOS has been verified to zero in on the assumption that the device is indeed an iPhone 4 prototype.

The latest iPhone model is expected to go under sales in September and there have been reports of Cupertino conducting tests on the new device in old iPhone 4 cases. Details regarding the internal components of the above said prototype are not yet verified.

As of now, we have no valid confirmations as to whether the screenshots do project an iPhone 4 prototype or not. Apple too hasn’t said anything on the matter.

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