RIM BlackBerry Planning BBM Music Social Platform?

July 16, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

RIM has had a bad running this year. We didn’t hear them rolling out much updates for the BlackBerry or about any new stuff.

But now RIM is out to put away all notions of bad weather. We heard they are setting out to launch a social music platform called BBM Music.

The platform is to take after social networking sites, but for music.  It will allow users to share music and playlists with their friends. The music that you share will be downloaded directly to your smartphones.

The platform is said to be integrated with the BlackBerry Messenger service. Don’t ask us anymore-we have no idea. These are all unconfirmed reports, so you ought to wait a little more before RIM lets out anything.

What we don’t understand is why RIM is planning something in the social genre. The company centers on enterprise devices and services for its revenue, so going the social sharing way does it no good.

Maybe RIM is looking to switch tracks this year so as to get a boost in their market. But like we said, it’s all speculations and nothing has been said by RIM.

If you stick around, maybe we will have enough news on this subject soon.

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